25 Potential Topics For Your Next Descriptive Essay

There are plenty of different topics that you can use when writing a descriptive essay. In fact, when it comes to thinking of a good topic, you can often simply allow your imagination to run riot, so as to think of a wide range of different ideas.

Whilst some people find it much easier to think of good ideas when they have been restricted on what to write about, other people will actually perform better when they are limited in terms of topics that they can choose from. Therefore, whilst one person might find it easier to think of a good topic without any prior instructions relating to what subjects to write about, someone else might find it far easier to have some initial guidance.

Therefore, if you work better with guidance, it can be useful to try and read prewritten samples and other articles in order to give you some inspiration to start with. You can then note down some general subjects which you can use for further inspiration. For example, you may use a general overall subject such as food, and then with various brainstorming methods, you can think of a wide range of specific topics relating to food, such as individual cuisines, or food groups, or particular meals.

Ultimately, to give you some ideas of what you may wish to write about, the following is a list of 25 potential topics for your next descriptive essay.

  1. Describe the view from your bedroom window
  2. Describe the way that you feel when listening to your favorite song
  3. Describe the appearance of your home
  4. Describe a particular art sculpture
  5. Describe the plot to your favorite film
  6. Describe a bad experience that you have had recently
  7. Describe a pleasant dream that you have had
  8. Describe your idea of the perfect evening
  9. Describe the night sky
  10. Describe a horse race
  11. Describe a part you played in a school play
  12. Describe a sandwich that you like to eat
  13. Describe your closet
  14. Describe your dress sense
  15. Describe a favorite item of clothing that you are
  16. Describe a restaurant that you like to eat at
  17. Describe an interesting journey that you have been on
  18. Describe a particular cloud formation
  19. Describe a rodeo show
  20. Describe a day in your life
  21. Describe a typical Sunday afternoon
  22. Describe your morning routine
  23. Describe a particularly important or treasured possession that you are
  24. Describe the aftermath of an earthquake
  25. Describe a street or road located close to where you live