Essay Writing Prompts On Jane Eyre: 20 Expert Suggestions

Writing an essay about a given subject can be challenging if you do not have an interest or knowledge about the subject you are addressing. If you are to create a strong paper on Jane Eyre, then you must first read the novel carefully and develop an understanding of the subject. This is important and you should have more than a few readings to get the basic theme and characters of the novel. The topic that you choose for your assignment must be something interesting and original so that it succeeds in hooking your audience. If you are not sure what should be the topic for your essay on Jane Eyre, then you should consider the following ideas

Topics to consider for an essay on Jane Eyre

  1. What were the reasons for humiliating Jane at the Lowond School
  2. How does the bullying at school impact her character in the future
  3. Why does Jane decide to stay with Edward
  4. What is the influence of Edward’s personality on Jane
  5. Does love always demand sacrifice
  6. Is love two-way thing or can it be only one sided
  7. What is the role of moral principles in Jane’s life
  8. What are the moral principles in Jane’s life and in the novel
  9. Can you find any difference between Jane as a narrator and Jane as a character
  10. Does the author succeed in representing her emotions and giving her character the right voice
  11. Do you think Jane is a trustworthy narrator or a story teller that a reader can rely on
  12. Is this a feminist novel? If so then give evidence to support your stance
  13. What is the treatment and position of women in Victoria according to the novel
  14. Is marriage given the right representation in the novel as compared to the society
  15. Is there any discussion or significance of social class in the novel
  16. Is the book biased in any way? Do you think the author stayed objective or had an influence
  17. Compare and contrast different characters presented in the novel and the ones that are major
  18. How important are the characters in the book for developing a theme
  19. What is the core message conveyed through the book and does the author succeed in doing so
  20. Is life harsh or unfair for Jane