A List Of Winning Topics For An Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is one where you outright provide your opinion on something and follow it with supporting evidence as to why you hold that opinion. This is the backbone of any academic writing you complete, to be sure, but in this type of assignment, you are definitively taking your personal stance, not just stating that the evidence points to A or B, but rather, that you think A is the best/healthiest/safest route and the evidence says so.

With that in mind one way to stay ahead of curve is to select a great idea for the subject of your assignment. Great ideas can range from anything small to large, but below there is a list of winning topics you might consider for your task:

  • Explain why you think people go to college
  • Explain why you think people get married
  • Write about why you think people have children
  • Write about why so many people cling to the faith of their parents without ever exploring the options they have at their disposal once they are adults
  • Write about how the use of advanced technology has made people lazy, needy, and selfish
  • Explore how the newest generation of graduating adults are self-indulgent and what caused their parents to think that their child could never do any wrong, or they could never say “no” to their child
  • Present your viewpoint on outsourcing
  • Present your viewpoint on the current list of politicians in your country
  • Explain why women’s health clinics need better recognition for the myriad health services they supply and not just the abortion services they offer
  • Support the idea that religion is no longer necessary and that it is merely a mass delusion utilized by those in power to retain power over others and by those who are being overpowered to avoid having to accept responsibility for their actions, the things done to them, etc… Focus here on how those who are devoutly religious use their faith to bypass any neurological inconsistencies with traumatic events, which is by many people to be considered a proper defense mechanism, but that is also allows them to shirk responsibility for anything they choose to do by simply stating that it was all in the plan of their religious entity
  • Present your standpoint on why fat people need to pay higher healthcare premiums because they are the ones using all of the healthcare