Tobacco Companies: Responsibility For Smoking-Related Illnesses And Deaths

The debate of whether tobacco companies should be held responsible for diseases that are related to smoking has been there for some time now. I believe by now everybody of the reasonable age knows the dangers of smoking. It has been made clear in campaigns that have been conducted to tell people of the dangers of smoking. My opinion is that these companies should not be held any responsible for any smoking-related illness. Smoking is a choice and no one is forced to smoke. People smoke out of their will knowing very well that they are subjecting their bodies to some risks. However, I am afraid of the passive smokers and the children who copy smoking habits from the adults.

Warning Sign

It is a requirement that tobacco company print in clear and legible readily visible writing on the packaging that cigarette smoking is a health risk. This act has been in place since the 1970s and has been followed to the later. This leaves the decision of whether to smoke on an individual. It is also not for sale to persons under the age of eighteen. The tobacco companies can only be held accountable of the risks they caused before the 70s when people did not know the risks associated with smoking. By then, cigarettes used to be sold without restrictions even to underage. These companies should thus be held responsible for the harm they caused back then. As for now, people smoke out of their will despite being warned of the health risks that are associated with smoking.

Passive smokers

The problem that we should be worried about now is that of passive smoking. This is a main danger for those people that live with smokers. It could be at our homes, in the workplaces and other public places. The effects of passive smoking are said to be more dangerous than even that of the direct smokers. Despite the health issues associated with smoking, it also contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer. Most governments have banned smoking in the public places and introduced smoking zones. These are designated areas that are used by smokers to quench their thirst. This is to avoid them from being a potential risk to other people. It is upon the government to enforce the law against smoking in public. It will also reduce the chances of chances of young children picking the wrong habit of smoking from the adults. It is unfortunate that many governments do not enforce these laws because of fear of losing revenue if people reduced their smoking habits.