Composing An Interesting Essay About World War 2

Few incidents have impacted the world as deeply as the Second World War. Not only did the war change the course of history as we know it, but it also claimed millions of lives simply due to a feud between two countries. Since its culmination in 1945, the Second World War has been analyzed by historians and experts alike. Thus, it is not difficult to find literature related to it. However, writing an essay on the world’s most important war is still a considerable challenge for students. If you are one of them, here are some tips to get the ball rolling:

Composing an interesting essay on World War 2

  1. Read about the War: The Second World War did not only consist of two nations fighting for power. It involved various countries on diverse levels. Read about the war in detail, and find out what aspect you find most interesting. Do you want to write about the impact of the war on British colonies in other countries, or do you want to analyze the birth of third world countries after the war? There are numerous topics to be explored, and you can easily choose one if you read about it carefully.
  2. Concentrate on the cause and effect relationship: A lot of what happened in the Second World War can find its roots in its predecessor, the First World War. In fact, the entire scuffle, and many others that constituted it can be looked at as one big domino effect. Analyzing and linking those dominoes together will not only help you showcase you critical thinking skills but also prove that you have an in-depth knowledge of the paper’s topic.
  3. Explore the what-ifs: What if the USA had not been involved in the war? What if Hitler’s army had invaded Russia? What if the Fuhrer did not commit suicide? What if Alan Turing would have been unsuccessful at building his famous machine? Explore different things that could have happened but didn’t. Since the war is important not only socially but politically as well, each and every action had a reaction. Your take on what would have happened if the “action” had never taken place can present a fresh perspective.
  4. Analyze the social constructs and the way they changed: The Second World War was not only about guns and ammo: a lot of the world’s major scientific inventions were made during this period. The society, on the whole, underwent a change. Why don’t you consider breaking away from the normal and exploring the people whom the war affected most: the common man?

Lastly, something you should always remember about writing a paper on such a sensitive issue is to be respectful. In no way should your paper be degrading to a country, government or community. The Second World War was a major and bloody event in the history of the world: make sure your paper respects all its victims.