17 Unique Philosophy Essay Topics You Can Investigate

For students who are studying philosophy, sometimes it can be overwhelming to start and complete various philosophy essay papers they are assigned to write. However, since it is a task that must surely be carried out if they want to maintain good grades, the best they can do is ensure that they meet the demands of writing essays. When it comes to topics for philosophy essays, there are lots of options out there for you. In most cases, students want to expand on already existing theories and at other times, they want to explore something new. If you are trying to come up with a brand new topic, you should know that it would require a lot of brainstorming.

Also, for your paper to be very impressive, you need to come up with topics that are sure to elicit interest from your target audience. For the purpose of helping you come up with unique philosophy essay topics, here are some topics and ideas you can investigate. They are as follows:

  • Human existence – Understanding its relationship with evil and good
  • The modern society – A look at the significance of ethics
  • Understanding the relationship between ethics and human coexistence
  • Sexual desires as a key to interpreting a person’s behaviour
  • Selfishness – An understanding of this human behaviour
  • The existence of God – An analysis of the facts and myths
  • Understanding the relationship between change in human behaviour and wisdom
  • Can happiness only be derived by being helpful to others?
  • An analysis of the role of genetics in every human’s behaviour
  • A critical look at what truth is and how it can change situations
  • Un understanding of the relationship between wealth creation and responsibility
  • A look at what friendship is not
  • Interracial marriages – A critical look at the advantages and disadvantages
  • Understanding how education aids in psychological growth
  • A look at the theory of knowledge and how it works
  • Establishing truth on a matter – Making it easier
  • A critical look at the principles of respect

These are all interesting topics that would help students write unique philosophy essay without wasting unnecessary energy, time, and resources. To further help yourself through the writing process, you need to ensure that the data for the academic paper is only sourced through credible sources. Make sure to properly cite your academic paper before submission in order to avoid issues of plagiarism.