It Is Better To Be Lucky Than Talented


The possession of distinctive talent is almost invariably associated with great achievement and rapid rise up the ladder of fame and success in anyone’s chosen career or profession. While this assertion may be true for some people, there are several talented people out there who could confirm that talent alone is not enough for successful achievement in life because they felt they were not fortunate to meet the right people at the right time. While it is wrong to claim that luck is the basis for all achievements and fame, it appears that luck often plays the biggest role. Talent plus hard work are key to achieving fame and success but the experiences of notable people appear to confirm the importance of luck which could be in form of meeting the right people.

Why Talent alone is not always enough for Success in Life

Examples of super talented individuals who have made it to the very pinnacle of their chosen career abound. In football, there is Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, in track and field there is Usain Bolt, in boxing there is Floyd May Weather Junior, in tennis we have Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, in golf, Tiger Woods, in basketball, Kobe Bryant, in Formula One, George Hamilton, and Michael Phelps in swimming, the list is endless. Looking at it ordinarily, it would seem that talent is the sole factor that determines success in life career or pursuit.

However, a close scrutiny of the biographies of many individuals like Henry Ford, Nikolas Tesla, and Edgar Allen Poe who either made it to the top or failed to attain excellence in their chosen career reveals the fact that talent is not the sole defining factor for success and achievement in life. In fact, many prominent personalities who have been interviewed have at one time or the other attributed their achievements to God or as some people might put it “luck.’’

In other words, despite their undoubted talents, most of them recognized an “X” factor played a part in their achieving success. Some put this extra factor as God; others simply call it luck, favor or grace. Whichever way you look at it, it appears that “luck” outweighs raw talent in one’s achievement or success in life. In fact, it is actually better to be lucky than to be just talented.

Contrasting Fortunes

Lionel Messi was lucky that Barcelona scouts were somewhere in Rosario Argentina some 17 years ago and happened to hear about an Argentine kid who though prodigiously talented in football yet had a growth deficiency problem. They contacted club officials who met with the parents, convincing them to immigrate to Spain while they offered to pay for his treatment which was quite expensive in exchange for the young Messi to commit his footballing future to the club. The rest as we know is history, winning numerous club and personal accolades with the club and being regarded as one of the greatest if not the greatest player in all of soccer history. By contrast, there possibly have been many talented kid footballers who didn’t have similar problems with Messi but couldn’t make it because they didn’t meet the right people when it matters most. Indeed, it is definitely better to be lucky than to be talented.