Creating An Impressive Compare And Contrast Essay On 1984

Eric Arthur Blair, under the pen name ‘George Orwell’, gave the literary world two of its most thought provoking and insightful pieces. While ‘Animal Farm’ provided deep social commentary on the political systems of the time,’1984’ became the more well known of the two for its dystopian view of the future. If you intend to write a compare and contrast essay on that novel, there is no shortage of material. This article will give you some tips to get you started.

  • Read the book carefully making notes along the way
  • The plot of 1984 takes unexpected twists and turns. As a novel written in the forties about a totalitarian future taking place in the eighties, modern day students are unlikely to intuit its contents. If you want to write convincingly on the book, a summary will not do, you must read the unabridged version from cover to cover. Only then will you be able to understand and utilize the subtle nuances of it.

  • Consider points that could easily be contrasted
  • What are the major themes that the novel addresses? Were any scenes especially thought provoking? Any aspect of the novel that inspires thought is likely to have an opposite that it can be compared to or a similar theme that it can be compared to.

  • Look for other works that you might compare this book to
  • When it was written, there were no other works of fiction quite like ‘1984’. Since then, it has inspired many other novels and movies. Furthermore, real life events have in some ways mirrored the plot. You have many options to choose from in topic selection.

  • Read previously submitted essays of a similar nature that earned high scores
  • This novel has been written about extensively so it will not be particularly difficult for you to find sample pieces to work from. When you find especially good ones, do not aim to reproduce them. That would be plagiarism and harsh punishments are earned that way. Instead, make note of the best aspects that they contain and look for ways that they can be integrated into your work. This will enable you to create original work that is still inspired by the best.

With careful attention to detail you can create an essay that does justice to Orwell’s timeless classic.