Potential Internet Dangers

The internet refers to a global network in which millions of computers are connected. The internet links more than one hundred and ninety countries into the exchange of news, data and opinions. According to a recent web survey, there are an approximately 3,037,608,300 worldwide internet users that represent nearly 40 percent of the world’s population. Unlike other centralized online services, the Internet is decentralised. The worldwide web is among the greatest inventions of the printing press. The internet has radically shaped media, commerce, culture, communication and entertainment. Although the internet is associated with numerous benefits, it is also related to great dangers that all should be known to all.

Potential internet dangers for kids and teens

First, the internet exposes kids and teens to pornographic materials. Pornography facilitates the warping of youth’s mind. Frequent and repeated viewing of pornography right from a young age can significantly shape one’s sexual beliefs and attitudes. Constant exposure to sexually explicit material is closely connected to one night stand, having multiple sexual partners, cynicism about the urge for sexual affection between partners, imitating behaviours portrayed in pornography and even casual sexual relations with friends. Secondly, the internet may lead to identity theft. Most of the times, when internet users are online, may not think of and identity theft scenario, but social networking websites like Twitter and Face book can aid an identity thief in accessing your personal information. If you are not keen, all the information about yourself that you put on this kind of website can easily be accessible to all other internet users with a similar website. Birth date, your parents’ names and photos can all be used by an identity thief. Also, this personal information can be used to create another account to ruin your reputation. To access information about that the computer collects and stores in files such as passwords, address, logins, phone number and credit card numbers, the identity thieves can install malicious software on your computer or grab the information from unsecured transmissions sent over the internet.

How to protect kids from potential internet dangers

It seems almost impossible to protect children from the many online dangers. Whether it is online predictors or identity theft, parents should be considerably concerned about their kids whenever they have access to the internet. Parents should always have their guards up and ready to do all it takes to protect their children against potential dangers of using the internet. Parent control involves parents getting involved with what their kids are doing over the internet. This involves what they are searching, posting and which websites they frequently visit.