Gender Discrimination in Education

Gender discrimination is a very common problem in most developing countries. Generally, it means creating biases against a person based on their gender or sex. This kind of discrimination affects both male and female, but in various parts of the world, mostly women fall victim to it.

Therefore in the developing countries, females are discriminated against solely because of their biological attributes. As a result they are not provided with the luxury of enjoying the same opportunities as males in the social, cultural, political or economic sense.

Gender discrimination against girls in the educational field

Education is also one of the factors of discrimination against woman’s life because they are deprived of opportunities to pursue it in any way. There are multiple barriers that stand in the way of a girl's right to education.

  • Poverty is the most common reason behind gender discrimination against girls in education. Poor families have limited resources to support the education of their children; therefore they are forced to give opportunities to their sons and not their daughters.
  • Also, there is a misconception in lots of families that girls do not need an education to run a household therefore it is not considered very important for them to go to school.
  • Since girls are required to take on board the household responsibilities since they are young, the burden of it forces them to quit school.
  • Many cultures have values and traditions that limit their acquisition of education.
  • Because of limited number of schools, children from small towns have to travel miles to get education, therefore girls are not permitted to go there due to safety concerns.

Gender discrimination against boys in educational sector

Although there has not been much research but it is now being brought to light that men also face severe discrimination in many fields including the educational sector.

  • Because of their rowdy and aggressive nature, boys are labeled to have trouble concentrating in studies, which is why much of the focus and resource is not given to them to help them in their studies.
  • Teachers are also biased against them in such a way that they treat girls in a nicer manner as compared to their treatment with boys.
  • Also, in the fields like nursing, stereotyped to be taken over by girls only, boys have to face serious discrimination.

Hence, gender discrimination is very common in the educational sector for both genders. It is present in all the areas including the social, cultural, political or economic system.