Vital Advice On How To Create A Hook Sentence For An Essay

At one time or the other, you must have found yourself reading a book without thinking about dropping the hook – the author succeeded in hooking you with the first sentence. Your essay can also have this interesting and thought-provoking hook if you know how to go about it. When you are able to get the attention of your target readers, they would not want to drop your paper as they want to find out what follows the intriguing start. Here is a guide on how you can create a hook sentence for your academic paper:

  • Identify Your Target Audience: When your audience do not feel like you are specifically speaking to them, they can easily lose interest in your paper. For this not to happen, you should identify your target audience and speak directly to them. Ask yourself: Will I be writing for job seekers or mothers-to-be? With this understanding, you will know how to create your paper’s hook sentence.
  • Identify Your Paper’s Purpose: There is a particular reason why you choose to write on a particular topic. Therefore, it is important you identify this reason as it would help you in crafting sentences that do not derail from the purpose of your essay.
  • Choose A Suitable Hook: Depending on the nature of your paper, there are various approaches you can use in creating a compelling hook for your academic paper. The first is using an anecdote. It works more magic when you settle for humorous anecdotes. The second one is stating a fact. If there is something new about the topic and you are sure your target audience are yet to know about such fact, go ahead and reveal same in your starting sentence. The third one is the use of interesting and inspirational quotes that is sure to spur them to action.

In creating a hook sentence for your essay, another approach is posing a question to your target readers. When you ask that question which possibly they don’t have an answer to it, they would love to read the rest of the paper in order to find out the answer to the questions asked initially. Another tip you should take into consideration is the utilization of descriptive words. With the approach, you create images in the minds of your readers and as such, get them more connected with your paper. You can also give your hook sentence a touch of mystery by giving your target readers scanty details at the start. With this, their imaginations will move them to reading the rest of the essay.