Top 7 Tips On How To Write A High School Application Essay

If you want to attend a private high school, you’ll be required to write an application essay. Even though this writing assignment is not as serious as a college application paper, it still needs some thought. This is where you should explain why you want to go to this school in particular. The following tips will come in handy when you’ll be crafting your application piece of writing.

  1. Explain why this school is special.
  2. How does this school differ from the similar institutions? How will you benefit from attending it? Illustrate your explanations by relevant examples and details. If you cannot come up with any specific reasons, do quick research: attend the school events, learn about the school traditions and programs in online and offline sources, and talk to the students who are lucky to study there.

  3. Explain how you fit in.
  4. How can you contribute to the school life? Your test scores and grades matter much, but your ability to become a valuable community member matters as well. If your hobby is closely connected to one of the school extracurricular activities, mention it.

  5. Write in your own voice.
  6. By its nature, a high school application essay is a narrative piece of writing. Use your voice in this paper and write about your goals, thoughts, experiences, and emotions. This is your chance to make full use of “I” while writing.

  7. Consider your audience.
  8. Keep in mind the interests of your audience. Assure them that you understand all challenges of the school program. Don’t waste their time writing about irrelevant things.

  9. Take a risk.
  10. Stand out from the crowd by writing in an extraordinary style, including an anecdote in your story, or responding to an ordinary prompt in a completely unexpected way. However, be careful using this strategy. Make sure that you don’t offend anybody or create a bad or faulty image of yourself.

  11. Be organized.
  12. You should write your essay in a limited number of words. Therefore, pick a topic that isn’t too broad or too narrow, develop a thesis, and support it with three to five points. Create an outline presenting the main points and specific details and keep to it.

  13. Don’t apply to different schools with one and the same essay.
  14. The application paper isn’t a blank that should be filled in. You may be caught by using the same sample repeatedly. Moreover, you should always refer to the unique side of the school rather than to the features that are common for all institutions.