Composing An Excellent Text Response Essay Introduction

This kind of homework involves you writing about your response to a text such as a play, novel or poetry. You will be analyzing or writing an expository about the literature. There are many opportunities in different levels of education to write this kind of assignment. Here are some things you need to show in this project:

  • That you understand the topic
  • Your ability to answer the topic question
  • How well you know the characters and plot
  • How well you understand the messages, themes and issues
  • You can relate the topic to the characters and themes
  • Your ability to draw evidence from the text to support the topic and your argument

What a good text response essay has

There are a few more things you need when writing this and the list below should be able to give you an idea. Many students get stuck on these kinds of assignments, and it can be hard to keep going, especially if you are not that interested in the topic your teacher assigned. If you have more leeway on the topic, then you can choose anything that is relevant to the play or novel you studied.

Do not worry if you are getting anxious or worried over completing this on time, because if you follow what you learn on this page, you’ll have all the skills you need to do it. All that’s left is to make time to do the work. Having a schedule will keep you on track.

Here are some other tips for writing this school work:

  1. Make sure you know the structure or style format that your teacher wants
  2. Put more emphasis on your introduction than the rest of your paper, because it’s the most important part
  3. Have a topic sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph that ties it back to the main topic and helps the reader understand how it all relates
  4. Use specific evidence to support your arguments or claims, and quote from the text you are responding to
  5. Explain your conclusions about the text clearly
  6. Plan your project to have at least 5 points or arguments related to the topic that you can discuss in the body of the writing
  7. Ask a friend for help if you need it, or talk to your teacher or a parent