A Step-by-Step Guide for Composing a Decent Essay About the Value of Love

The assignment of writing an essay about love usually makes students anxious because they’re afraid of doing something wrong. Love is a very broad topic that’s often spoken and written about; that’s why it isn’t very easy to organize your thoughts. Nevertheless, knowing the basic principles of a good paper will help you.

Preliminary Steps in Writing

  1. Consider the topic.
  2. Making questions can be helpful; for instance,

    • What is the value of love?
    • Why is love so valuable?
  3. Create a mind-map.
  4. You could look through the literature you read during the course to get some of the quotations and main ideas about love and its value from there. You’ll really benefit from mind-mapping them to see the whole picture.

  5. Look through different sources.
  6. Make a list of the key vocabulary that might help you find the information about love in different library directories and online resources.

  7. Identify the main problems that cause discussions.
  8. To do that, you’ll need to read other texts about the same topic. They will help you cover the most topical questions. Make sure to write those ideas down.

  9. Make a draft plan.
  10. It’s beneficial to write a very detailed outline to follow while writing the paper itself. It’ll help you not lose track of your main topic.

  11. Pause and relax.
  12. Leaving writing for a short while has always been useful. It helps your brain relax and look at your paper from a different angle.

Steps for Writing a Good Essay About the Value of Love

The best strategy for writing a good paper is to follow the typical structure: an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. Here are some tips:

  1. Write an intriguing introductory part.
  2. The first part usually determines whether people will feel like reading more. So, instead of just throwing out the bare facts, you should come up with something that will catch the readers’ attention. In addition, it’s important to state the points you’re going to discuss along with your reasoning. You could also specify different viewpoints of the value of love.

  3. Create the body.
  4. This part is typically comprised of three paragraphs covering the main points mentioned in the introduction. Each one should start with a topic sentence and then be supported by your arguments and the quotations of famous people.

  5. Conclude the paper.
  6. The final part is also the one that is read most often. Therefore, it should be well-developed and memorable. All of the points should be summarized. Lastly, it’s good to finish your essay with a positive thought.