Recommendations On How To Organize Quotes In An Essay

Writing a great essay is not something you do in a day and especially if it is a term paper. Serious academic paper presentations are not done in day. For example, if you are required to include quotes in your paper, am pretty sure that this is not something teachers will want students to do in a few hours and present their findings. There are thousands of academic resources both on the web and in your school library. Depending on where you will have got your tips from, your paper could go for excellent or poor. On this premise, it is always advisable that before you can decide on the source of your information regarding tips on how to organize quotes in an essay, make sure they are authentic and if necessary, very the same with your teacher so that you are very sure of what you are applying.

Essays that require inclusion of quotes have for a long time proved rather challenging to thousands of students from around the globe and so, because they are most of the times based on factual findings, taking your time to verify the source of the quotes you are using is a very important step towards scoring high marks. This site is a great resource which will give you more insights into this, however, in this post, we sample a few recommendations to start you off when it comes to just how exactly are you supposed to organize quotes in a literary piece.

Order of currency

When you have to cite your sources in an essay, it is always important that the most important ones come first. This way, your paper would appear more authentic compared to a paper in which quotes which are older than ten years are cited. Therefore, when doing a paper, try as much as possible to use recently published or edited books.

Alphabetical organization

Whenever you are doing an academic paper such an essay and you are required to include quotes in your essay otherwise known as citations, you have got to organize your essay in such a way the name of the authors appear alphabetically from paragraph to paragraph as you move towards the conclusion.

Dates of publication

Quotations in a piece of writing should always be written alongside the years in which they were published for purposes of verification.