Basic Rules For Composing A Winning Problem Solution Essay

Most students will need to write a problem solution essay at least once during their school career. Some teachers are very helpful and teach their students how to compose this type of paper. However, not all students are that lucky. Some teachers don’t even bother to teach their students anything at all about problem solution essays. Thus, we’ve compiled this useful list of basic rules for composing a winning problem solution essay with ease.

  • Rule 1: Learn what a problem solution essay is
  • Before you can get started on writing your paper, you need to know more about this type of paper. A problem solution essay is a formal written piece in which the student is expected to discuss and describe a specific issue. In addition, the student is expected to describe how they believe the issue can be properly dealt with.

  • Rule 2: Pick a topic for your paper
  • Once you know what’s expected of you, you can pick a topic for your paper. Try to choose a topic that interests you, and make sure that it’s not too obscure to be researched properly.

  • Rule 3: Research your topic
  • Now that you’ve chosen a topic, you need to research it. Go to the library and look online for relevant reliable information for your paper.

  • Rule 4: Write your paper
  • Once you’ve conducted your research, you can start composing your paper. There are certain sections that must be included in this type of essay. These sections are as follows:

    1. Define the problem
    2. Here you need to give a very detailed description of the matter that you intend to cover in your paper.

    3. Explain why this matter needs to be dealt with
    4. Here you need to explain exactly why this issue needs to be solved.

    5. Explain your suggested answer
    6. Here you need to explain your suggested answer to the matter.

    7. Describe why you think yours is the best solution
    8. Here you need to describe why you think your suggested answer is the best one.

    9. Explain why any objections invalid
    10. Here you need to explain why any objections to your suggested answer are not valid.

  • Rule 5: Edit and proofread your paper
  • Finally, you should edit your paper until you’re happy with it. Then you need to proofread it before you submit it.

After you’ve studied the basic rules for composing a problem solution essay, you can go ahead and write your own winning paper.