Distracted Driving: Texting while Driving

Have you ever text a message while driving? Have you ever been distracted by a phone call while driving? It could take a few seconds for an accident to happen. A crash is likely to happen if you drive distractedly. Distracted driving is a real issue in USA as well as in Europe.

Cell Phones – a Harmful Device

Nowadays, with the growing technology, cell phone use has become an ordinary fact. Behind the wheel, drivers may chat, play games, send messages or surf the Internet. Cell phones are a type of device which is both useful and harmless; however, it can do harm when being used behind the wheel. If we take into consideration all implications, accidents may happen; therefore, government is the one to take action and ban cell phone use for people when driving their cars.

Texting a message behind the wheel has been a cause for concern in USA for some time. Many people are killed or injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. Unattentive driving increases the probability of being involved in a crash. There are three ways of being distracted:

  • Visual, if you take your eyes off the road;
  • Manual, if you take your hands off the wheel;
  • Cognitive, if you do not pay attention to driving.

Distracted driving happens when the driver uses a cell phone to text messages. In-vehicle technologies usually become a source of distraction. However, texting while driving is extremely dangerous because it combines the three ways of being distracted.

Steps Taken to be Safe

A driver should model safe behavior and never text while driving. A driver should also stay both focused and alert when driving. If you are driving your car, you should be aware of your actions and commit to distraction-free driving. You should encourage both friends and family to be careful and create a ‘no-phone zone’ while driving.

The Department of Transportation in USA makes great effort to stop both texting and using the cell phone when driving. USA have held two summits concerning the distracted driving taking the following actions:

  • Banning both texting and using cell phones for commercial driving;
  • Encouraging the other states to adopt severe laws in this respect;
  • Raising people’s awareness concerning this issue.

Even if cell phones represent a necessity in our contemporary society, they do much harm as they distract the drivers’ attention from the road. Becoming both involved and committed, drivers should be aware of the risks of texting while driving.