A Guide To Essay Editing: 5 Great Tricks You Should Use

If you have been having low scores each time you write an essay, may be during your high school and up till now that you are in college, there is definitely something you are not getting right. This is especially if you are very sure that you wrote a great story or discussed an interesting and informative issue. No matter how interesting your essays might be, if they are not properly edited before submission, you are bound to receive low scores. Now this could be what is actually wrong with all the essays you have been writing. Always ensure that your papers are edited before you submit them.

Listed below are a few tricks that will guide you as you edit your next essay before submission to your lecturer. They are:

  • Punctuation: It is very important that after writing your paper, you have to make sure that you put your punctuations at the right places, this includes your periods and commas. As you already know, the use of periods and commas is for proper regulation of the flow of thought. When they are not properly inserted, you can confuse your reader, including your tutor or lecturer.
  • Don’t Multitask: Some people want to be writing and editing at the same time. It is very improper. Concentrate on writing the essay first after which you dedicate time to editing.
  • Give It Time: Don’t start editing immediately you finish writing your paper, except you are behind schedule. It is better to let the written paper sit for a day or two before you edit, this way, you will be able to notice most of the mistakes that would have been overlooked if edited on the same day the paper was written.
  • Turn Off The Monitor: This is another trick that has worked for a lot of people, especially those who are always tempted to edit while writing. With the monitor turned off, you will only concentrate on typing, after all you cannot edit an essay you are not viewing.
  • Don’t Rely On Spell-Checkers: These are good programs that come with your computer to help you detect mistakes in your paper but then, you should never make the mistake of relying on them to properly edit your work. Instead opt for the Speech feature that comes with your Word processor which reads your essay back and helps in identifying most of the typing and grammar errors.