What Are The Main Components Of A Persuasive Essay?

In a persuasive essay an author should present some point of view and persuade the readers in its rightness. This academic paper is very useful for students, because they should develop their persuasive skills in order to present themselves when it comes to getting a job. If you’re going to write your first persuasive paper, you should know about the important components of such a work.

  1. Good thesis statement.
  2. Any persuasive paper should have a decent thesis statement. With a help of your thesis you should not only address your topic, but also tell about your position or beliefs in relation to the issue. If you don’t have a good thesis statement, your arguments will lack direction and won’t look persuasive enough.

  3. Strong evidence.
  4. In order to create good arguments, you should have strong evidence to support them. When building your argument, consider this: your argument should be logical, it should evoke emotions of your readers, and it should be supported by experts in the topic you’re writing about. You may give your own opinion instead of experts’ opinions if you think that you have enough authority in this field.

  5. Well organized structure.
  6. In order to make your essay really persuasive, you should organize it properly. The progression of your thoughts should be clear and obvious. You should use logical transitions when moving from one thought to another. Keep in mind, that all your arguments and ideas should be connected to your thesis statement. Poorly organized papers fail to persuade their readers, because it’s difficult for readers to trace the thoughts of authors.

  7. Counterarguments to your position.
  8. In order to prove that your position and your arguments are superior, you should also present some counterarguments in your paper. You should describe these counterarguments and indicate their flaws. In such a way, you will show that your idea isn’t the only possible one, but it’s better than other ideas. The major mistake of students is that they come up with counterarguments that sound better than their actual arguments, so be careful with this matter.

  9. Call to action in the conclusion.
  10. At the end of your persuasive essay you should restate your thesis statement and give a summation of your main arguments. However, to make a great conclusion, it’s advisable to end it with a sentence that will be really persuading and memorable. After reading your paper, the readers should think that it’s important to do something related to your topic and that they should follow your advice when dealing with this matter.