Conflict Resolution Strategies

There is always going to be conflict so long as people are living or working together. Hence, people have to learn how to resolve their issues and in the end have quality life further achieve their goals. Otherwise, little can be achieved as some workers get isolated or as people at home fail to communicate well. Accordingly, it is asserted that different conflict resolution strategies should be explored and used in various relationships.

Different Ways of Resolving Conflict

The first conflict resolution strategy is discussion. People should sit down and discuss some of the issues causing conflict. The people involved should be given a chance to communicate their frustrations and expectations. Particularly, individuals holding senior positions in a company or the leaders of a family should allow their juniors to open up and express their feelings. In so doing, the problems cause conflict can be identified and hence the solutions found.

Secondly, mediation can be used to resolve conflict. Whenever two people are unable to come into an agreement, a third party should be engaged to mediate. The mediator should be able to remain objective and also avoid being biased so that the conflict can be resolved in a productive way. If the conflicting sides are unwilling to meet, they can be asked to express their views in form of writing. This way, they will have confidence to carefully select their words so as to express what they feel and what they expect in the end.

Thirdly, voting can be used in situations where a quarrel ensues between two sides. It is particularly important in companies where workers may refuse to cooperate because of leadership wrangles. Voting resolves the conflict well where the majority opinion is allowed to guide the operations for a given period. Fourthly, compromise can be effective when resolving conflict. Each side can be asked to give up a little and take a little with the hope that everyone will feel appreciated in the end. It eliminates a situation where one person’s interest is considered, raising the issue of discrimination.

How to Choose a Conflict Resolution Strategy

Depending on the gravity of the conflict, a combination of strategies can be used to resolve it. A combination of mediation and discussion, for instance, can be used when people are willing to talk but unable to come to an agreement. In other situations, voting alone can resolve the conflict. Indeed, to have harmony in life, people should choose different strategies to resolve their conflict.