How To Write A 500-Word Essay About Yourself: Tips From An Expert

Sometimes even writing quite a short essay about yourself can cause you lots of trouble – what to write about? Should I include this fact of my life? What they are waiting for me to write? Am I good enough to apply? Leave all those questions beside and read the next tips of how to write a successful description of yourself essay. The structure of this essay is the same as the one you have written at school.

You will have to describe an object, subject or phenomena in details. You can make it by comparing certain subjects or presenting connections with other subjects that are being researched. Your main task is to write the essay about your real life and your real experience – real you. During the writing process try to answer faithfully the following questions – Who am I? What are my dreams, desires, hopes, intentions, dislikes and even sins? Why am I good enough to get that working spot/scholarship etc? It’s not a piece of cake to put all this information in a 500-word essay.

That’s why you will have to narrow your topic to fit in, and start with a little personal biography and complete it with a moral evaluation. However, try to be as creative as possible, mostly because a standard format of a touching story from your childhood can be too shopworn for the checkers.

It is better to write about some unique facts about you, from description of your first unfortunate crush and how you managed to get rid of the pain of break up to the main reasons why you are so found of pizza with pepperoni. Sometimes the craziest idea can be your key to a successful essay.

You have also to be honest and write in a logically structured manner to avoid misunderstandings. Give yourself an accurate answer – Why do you really need this? Why it is that important for you? Don’t worry if the answer doesn’t storm you immediately, it will definitely come during the writing process and brainstorming. Sincerity is also a key concept to true success.

You should know that the only person truly interested in the subject you are writing about is you, and only you.

So, the subject itself is not that important, the most essential part here is the manner of describing it, your own manner of writing and your passion about it. And don’t forget that personal essays should always be written by you.