How To Write An Explanatory Essay Outline: Basic Hints

Writing an explanatory essay can be frustrating. This kind of writing should expose interesting information about a selected topic through the revelation of examples and evidence. It should also teach the readers something new. Usually it involves doing some research on a subject. To stop procrastinating and start working on the assignment, you should write an outline. The following basic hints will help you create a great outline for your paper:

  • Start with an effective introduction.
  • The first paragraph of your essay should grab your reader’s attention, so compose an interesting hook sentence directly related to the topic. It should encourage the readers to continue reading. It is also important to provide some background information about the topic since your readers may be unfamiliar with your subject. Make sure to identify your thesis statement or question.

  • Compose the main points of the body paragraphs.
  • Keeping your professor’s requirements in mind, decide how many body paragraphs you will write. Then, prepare topic sentences, select factual examples, note your commentaries on the chosen examples, and create effective transitional sentences. You should also consider the assignment’s pattern. The most popular options include spatial, topical, and sequential patterns.

  • Conclude the provided ideas.
  • In a concluding paragraph you should summarize your thesis or question, discuss the significance of the topic, and reveal unanswered questions. You should stay on topic and write concise sentences. Do not provide new evidence in the concluding paragraph. Instead, you should structure your major ideas and provide a comprehensive explanation.

  • Study sample explanatory essays.
  • If you procrastinate and need to be inspired, it is a good idea to look for high-quality sample assignments written by other students. These papers can help you structure your thoughts and prepare a strong outline. The best sample documents can be found on the websites of the school library and academic writing center. You can also benefit from studying the papers that students share on study forums.

By using the hints provided above, you can compose a strong outline without a hitch. If you want to speed up your work you can download an explanatory essay template and customize it. Remember to revise the outline before you start writing the text or you will spend lots of time later editing your assignment. Pay special attention to how the ideas are related to the topic, what details support your thesis, and how objective your position is.