Intriguing Topic Suggestions For A 7-Paragraph Argumentative Essay

When you have to write a 7-paragraph argumentative essay, you want to decide on a good topic. You will have to come up with three or four supporting reasons to support your thesis. You will start with an introduction that states the background information and then a paragraph that lists any vocabulary that may be necessary to understand the overall topic that you are discussing. There are three paragraphs that list the supporting reasons and explain them. You will include a paragraph that lists an opposing view and then refutes it and ends with a conclusion.

When deciding on a topic to write your argumentative essay on, you should make sure to decide on an interesting one and one that has enough information on it to handle this size essay. Controversial issues work really well for this type of paper. They have the same amount of information on one side of an issue as they do on the other side of the issue so you can choose a side and then talk about that side of the issue. You will have enough information to support your claim as well. Here are some really intriguing topics to write your paper on.

  • Should Euthanasia be legal if it is used in cases of extreme illness or in cases where patient is in a lot of pain?
  • Is abortion okay when the mother is a victim of rape?
  • Should there be more testing before medical marijuana is legalized nationwide?
  • Do violent video games lead to violent behavior in preteenagers?
  • Should the death penalty be used in murder cases or is it like hitting someone to teach them not to hit?
  • Are social networking sites dangerous because of the personal look into the lives of the people on them?
  • Should there be mandatory drug testing at work?

Once you have decided on a topic, you will have to make sure that you plan your paper out by creating an outline that states all of the main points that you will want to discuss in your paper. You can put them in a logical order that makes the most sense. The point of writing this paper is to prove your side of the issue and you need to make sure that you put the proof in the right order to make the biggest impact.