Writing A Powerful Persuasive Essay Conclusion: A Brief Manual

As with anything in life, the first impression you read or see is extremely important as well as the last thing that you see or hear. All of the stuff in the middle seems less important and usually forgotten. That is why the introduction of any writing as well as the conclusion is very important. If you want your work to be remembered you need to create a power conclusion. Here is a brief manual on how to write a powerful persuasive essay:

  • One of the things you have to keep in mind when you are writing your conclusion is that you want to evoke some kind of emotion in the reader. That is one of your goals when you are deciding what to save for the end of your essay.
  • With a persuasive essay, you are trying to convince someone to agree with your point of view on a particular subject. You have spent your entire essay giving proof and strong points that will substantiate your point of view. Now you have to pull it all together and make it easy for the reader to agree with you.
  • Think about what you can say that will make the reader feel something about your essay. Your conclusion has to bring out some kind of emotion in your reader. If you connect your essay to some kind of emotion, your reader is more apt to remember what you wrote.
  • As with any conclusion, you need to reiterate your topic sentence. You need to remind the reader what you are trying to persuade them about. For example, if you are trying to convince your reader that homework doesn’t help a child learn in elementary school, state it in a way so it will shock the reader. Whatever you say should raise their eyebrows and make them take a step back. You could say something like, “The only thing homework is good for is to take your child away from quality time with the family.” This will wake up your reader and evoke some kind of emotion.
  • Your conclusion should also go one step further and ask the reader to do something about your subject. This is called a “call to action”. Urge your reader not to stop with this essay and take some kind of action about what you have been trying to convince your readers about.

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