Top 22 Most Interesting Debate Essay Topics To Choose From

Writing an essay is one of the most common tasks encountered by most academics yet it is often considered to be troublesome to most. While this may be true if you do not know the right methods and styles to employ, one can acquire these skills quite easily through some simple exercises.

Apart from being equipped with the right tools, a good author must also pay close attention to the topic they choose to write upon. A bad topic choice could mean failure and many writers have found them self unable to complete a story because they simply have nothing more to write. The following is a list of 22 interesting debate essay topics to choose from:

  1. Why homework is a waste of time and students should instead be allowed to complete original work of their own choosing.
  2. How effective is the standardized test system in identifying gifted students?
  3. Why we trust politicians even though we know that they are professional liars and only care about advancing their own careers.
  4. Should we stop the use of animals as cosmetic test subjects and instead replace them with consenting humans?
  5. Why cigarette smoking should be made illegal instead of marijuana since the latter can actually be beneficial to health.
  6. Can we expect any negative effects from the widespread use of cell phone and other smart devices that exist today?
  7. Should more cameras be used to ensure both citizens and law enforcement officers obey the law?
  8. Are the large sums of moneys paid to popular athletes a fair demonstration of sportsmanship?
  9. Why English should no longer be the main language of the business world.
  10. What possible negative effects can equality across the sexes have.
  11. Do the benefits of religious beliefs outweigh the negative effects.
  12. The unlawful practices carried out by many companies on their websites should be better controlled.
  13. The variety of options students have to choose from when deciding on their degrees.
  14. How much control should persons be allowed to have over their pets in terms of training and living conditions.
  15. The speed limit should be removed and more intense license training should be administered in order to reduce the amount of road fatalities.
  16. More extensive programs need to be implemented to control bullying.
  17. School hours should consist of less written work and more practical exercises.
  18. Uniforms are bad.
  19. Carpooling should be made mandatory.
  20. Single sex schools are better.
  21. Sex before marriage ruins families.
  22. The tradition of reading must be preserved.