The 19 Best Argumentative Essay Topic For High School Students

High school is one of the most fragile stages in school life. The students in this stage are usually in a very spontaneous period of growth. Therefore, the students in this stage are very responsive to the environment they find themselves in. In that case, if you find yourself in the position of assigning essays to such a group of students then it’s vital to choose essays that are beneficial and reasonable. Through essays you can know what’s on the mind of your students and in the same time you can use essays to mould their thinking to a certain perspective.

The following is a list of argumentive essay topics that you can assign to your students:

  1. In your own opinion, at what age do you think people should be legible to vote?
  2. In your own opinion, what are the greatest factors that make a movie an epic one?
  3. If there were no computer in the world today, do you think the society would be in a better place?
  4. In case you had the chance to pick the lawmakers for your school rules, would you pick your teachers or students?
  5. According to you, what do you think are the determinants of early pregnancies and what do you think should be done to change the situation?
  6. In your understanding, at what age do you think people should begin dating?
  7. Is the death penalty appealing to you? Do you think it’s appropriate?
  8. Do you think the performance level in schools is determined by the mixing of boys and girls in the same school?
  9. Do you think that students having a dress code is useful and contributive to having better performance?
  10. Do you think of the government should continue spending a lot of money on space exploration?
  11. Do you think changing textbooks for computers could improve the level of education in the country?
  12. Do you think that rich countries should continue assisting poor countries by giving the money?
  13. Do you think that students being allowed to come with phones to school would improve their grades?
  14. Do you think the government should go on taxing on food commodities?
  15. In what way do you think the government could increase gender parity?
  16. If given the chance, what subjects would you take out of the syllabus and why?
  17. What do you think are the best qualities for a president?
  18. Do you think that the juvenile should be lowered to enforce discipline to youngsters?
  19. What do you think teachers should get as punishment for misconduct during school hours?