List of 12 Possible Essay Topics on Shakespeare's Hamlet

Every student has to write an essay on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. To make your experience a bit easier, use the following list of possible topic ideas to get inspired and follow the advice below to complete your assignment on time.

What Topic for Your Essay About Hamlet to Choose

You can choose any of the 12 essay topics provided below:

  1. The Hamlet’s philosophy of life. The main hero makes his own philosophy. Examine how his obsessions influenced his character.
  2. The Hamlet’s concept of love. He rejects that concept and do not consider it as a vital part of a family relationship. Explain why he has such a pessimistic view of love.
  3. The social norms violated in the play. The author writes about a few taboos. Discuss what taboos Shakespeare wrote about and why he did so.
  4. The nature of Hamlet’s grief after the death of his father. His grief can be considered as an obsession. Provide the point of view of Claudius, who suggested that Hamlet’s grief was unmanly.
  5. The negative role of women in the play. The author describes different female characters. Analyze whether they are portrayed in limited roles and are subject to the decisions of men.
  6. The relationship between the main character and Ophelia. The main hero is complicated. Argue whether he loved Ophelia or not. Make sure that you provide examples from the play.
  7. The use of comedy in Hamlet. Osric and Polonius can be considered as comic characters. Explain what purpose comedy serves in the play.
  8. The role of Guildenstern and Rosencrantz in the story. The aforementioned characters died. Analyze why the author created them. Do you agree that they were for comic relief?
  9. The image of the Ghost. The Ghost seems rather strange. Discuss why the author decided to add it to the story.
  10. The use of imagery in the play. The descriptive language in the play is amazing. Explain how it helped the author create the mood.
  11. Suicide as an important theme in the play. Hamlet discusses it in two soliloquies. Analyze his statements about moral and religious aspects of suicide.
  12. The elements of a tragedy in the play. The play is an outstanding tragedy. Write about the elements that make the story sad, pessimistic, and somehow depressing.

Final Advice

To complete your essay on time, follow the simple advice: start outlining as early as you can, take notes while you read the play, use them later as evidence, and write your first draft quickly. Then, take a break and edit your draft. Your friend will proofread your paper faster and catch more mistakes, so ask for assistance.