List Of 12 Catchy Topics For Your Essay In Biology

Biology is rife with controversial subjects that the average world citizen loves to debate about. This makes it a great playground for interesting essay topics that you can write about or experiment with, especially since biology covers a wide range of things. You could write your paper about plants, animals, people, diseases, disorders, and the list keeps going. But here is a list of the top most interesting topics.

  1. The ethics of cloning.
  2. It sounds like science fiction, and a certain cobbled together monster does come into mind. But cloning can prove to be quite useful. Even so, is it the right thing to do?

  3. How much of a hand does Genetics play in obesity?
  4. We can all easily say that it’s about fast food and being lazy, but, in reality, is there something deeper to this? Is it genetics that dooms people to a life with obesity? If it is, is there a way to overcome it?

  5. Could some disease be used as weapons, and would it be ethical?
  6. Could Ebola, for example, be used as a weapon? It’s deadly enough that’s for sure. But is it right to do something like this? Diseases can’t exactly be controlled, and it’s not as humane as a quick shot to the head for example. In the case of war, of course.

  7. The viability of alternative medicine.
  8. Some people believe in it, some people think it is hippie talk. Some doctors advocate its use while others warn against it. Does it really work?

  9. How and why do animals get cancer?
  10. Have you ever been surprised by the fact that a dog or cat got cancer? Are the causes of this the same as the causes for humans?

  11. Can humans halt the aging process?
  12. Wouldn’t it be great to be forever young? Some research suggests a possibility of this actually happening.

  13. Why do humans fall in love?
  14. And why don’t animals fall in love or do they?

  15. How do stem cells work and are they truly the cure-all we’ve been waiting for?
  16. There has been so much hype surrounding stem cells and how they are the answer to everything. Dissect the claims and evaluate their possibility for yourself.

  17. The debate about genetically modified organisms.
  18. Are they really harmful or is it all hippie-hype? Why are people so afraid of GMO’s, and is there any truth to their claims? If there is truth to it, why don’t others believe it?

  19. The epic journey of Monarch butterflies and the Mountain of Butterflies.
  20. A descriptive piece about this epic journey is sure to bring any nature lover to tears.

  21. Is homosexuality genetics or a preference?
  22. This one is still pretty up in the air, and some people do claim that there is research and scientific evidence to back up the claim that it is genetic while many homosexuals also claim that they “can’t help the way they feel”. Is this just giving in to the fantasies or is there really something genetic behind it? It’s a bit controversial but quite riveting.

  23. How global warming is affecting Earth’s water.
  24. Sometimes you’re shown pictures of a lake from ten years ago. It’s full, and lush, and stunning. Then you look at the lake now, and it’s been depleted by fifty percent. That right there is worth talking about.

Writing a biology paper is exciting when you’re hyped about your chosen topic. So find something that really interests you and get writing!